P R E S S    K I T    P A C K

From the wild punk style of the « Lucrate Milk », to the revelation of the melodic harmony of the piano, the story of a genealogical ban that transforms itself into music.

29 years after his first musical adventure in a recording studio, then the drummer for “Lucrate Milk”, Jean-marc composes again…. This time with his piano, he comes out with his first album solo calledThe Fruit of our Roots”.

The Punk Period

Jean-Marc was born in 1961 at Montreuil-sous-Bois. Twenty years without much to tell….and then he becomes the improbable drummer of the group Lucrate Milk. Well known group, punk-neo-jazzy formed in 1981 by Masto (Bérurier Noir), Laul (Bérurier Noir), Nina, Gaboni (Jean-Marc), and Helno, who will become the singer in for the group Négresses Vertes.
During three years the group Lucrate Milk are the big curiosity of the Parisia

n punk scene., because of the chaotic and experimental side of their music and also, by their provocative way carefully and clearly showing in their looks and in their way of dressing.


MKB Episode (Messageros Killers Boys) and FJ Ossang

In 1984 Jean-Marc with the nickname Gabo is also the drummer for MKB. The singer FJ Ossang, also a movie director, will film his first movie…”L’Affaire des Divisions Morituri” with the Lucrate Milk in the roles of the gladiators. MKB’s music and a piece from the Lucrate Milk will be used for the movie.



The Mystical Period

In 1984 the adventure continues with the meeting with Alejandro Jodorosky. This relationship will last for about 12 years…Jean-Marc calls Alejandro his ‘awakener of conscience’. Gabo re-becomes Jean-Marc, he participates in many workshops  for his personal advancement. He learns to interpret the Tarot cards and he, in turn will teach this for many years. His vision of the world will be forever changed.




Back to Nature

In 1992 he marries and leaves Paris for the south of France, near Uzes, in the Gard.

He starts practising outside activities, rock climbing, canyoning, spelunking, and canoeing…he then becomes a professional and makes this the source of his work. Most of his time in the canyons, on the rocks, or in the caves of his region.

He lives outside with the trees, the plants, the animals, the birds and the limestone, nature is his new playground for adventure, his ground for creation


Going back to Music

Besides his new professional activities, Jean-Marc continues his musical adventure; In 2003, he starts the piano, then the trompet, participating in a pena (traditional fanfar) but it’s in front of the keyboard he finds a new creative road .

In 2005, after two years of piano classes, Jean-Marc discovers, after an analysis of  his family tree that his maternal grandfather had been prohibited to touch the piano by his mother, this instrument having been reserved for his sister.


“My grandfather, Marcel, would have liked to play and was very frustrated. I was conscience that I was making his dream come true and at the same time I was healing part of my family tree. I understood why I was playing the piano and it was with tears in my eyes that I composed “thank you grandpa” (merci papy).

And then “ Marmita’s waltz” for my mom…”Jack” for my dad… and sister and brother

“Clo” for my wife.


It’s my way to accept the transmission, to tell them I love them.

That’s why, for this first album I’m calling it The Fruit of your Roots.


The Recording

Jean-Marc composes and records at his home, at St. Dezery (in the south of France) and

he mixes at Studio “Son’art” in the next town. He worked on this album during his ‘off’ moments that his job allows him, mainly in autumn and winter. It will take him two years to finalize his album.

In November 2010 he participates in the show “20 years of Tracks” (in Paris) and takes advantage of his passage to go see an old friend from his earlier years, (1980’s), Stephane Melino, who will play the guitar for the song Perfect Night. This piece was composed in homage to Lou Reed, the drums are played by Gael Dumur, Jean-Marc’s son who’s 17.

It’s the only piece of the album  that has a musical structure with a base, guitar and drums to accompany the melody of the piano. All the other pieces are with the piano alone or some arrangements with a violin or a violincello. All the compositions are an invitation to travel, it is not rare that those who listen see lots of images in their head.

Jean-Marc Dumur is a representative of DIY (Do it yourself) he does everything himself, the producing of the album, and the commercialisation. This auto production is an act of independence.